“…An excellent idea, a wonderful tool for service to service providers, parents, schools and youth.”

–Florence Avignon,

California State Teacher of the Year 2012
“I thoroughly enjoyed 2 Late 4 Time Out…  My fondest wish is that these chapters be included in a handbook for every parent who has a child in the juvenile system.  Your advice to parents who have a child either on probation or scheduled to make their first appearance before a judge is right on.”

Honorable Wayne C. Denton,
Commissioner, Inglewood Juvenile Court Dept. 242


“I found this to be an easy and informative read…even occasionally entertaining.  In fact, the material was so very much on point, I lent Ms. Shaw’s first draft to two families with troubled teens.”

Dr. W. Garrett Capune, Director
U.S.C. Sol Price School of Public Policy


“Valerie Shaw writes from the heart and from an experience that is shared by thousands of parents, yet only whispered about among family and friends.  We are losing too many of our young people because of parental ignorance or disinterest.  2 Late 4 Time Out is a must-read for parents, educators, and all who care for the lives of our struggling teenagers.”

Millicent E. Hill
Career Educator, U.S.C Fellow & Exec. Dir. Mama Hill’s Help, Inc.


“Valerie Shaw provides a unique and useful perspective for parents and workers in the child welfare field.  She deals honestly with one of the most menacing problems facing modern-day society, and that is saving our youth from the Juvenile Justice System.  2 Late 4 Time Out puts the onus of responsibility for the care and upbringing of our children back into the hands of parents, where it belongs.

Dr. Patricia Heisser Metoyer
Clinical Psychologist
University of Nevada, Las Vegas


“Valerie Shaw is an inspirational woman who has the guts to share her life experiences and she has taken from those to make her and her son’s life more positive.  2 Late 4 Time Out is an easy to read, informative book.  I feel it will assist parents, educators, and service providers.  This eBook will empower our parents to assist their children and to share the responsibilities.”

AnnMarie Perdue, Case Worker
Barrio Action


“Give the Streets Back! endorses your masterpiece, The Parent’s Guide to Understanding the Juvenile Justice System. The next generation and generations to come will appreciate your valiant effort to save our youth from the justice system.”

George Cook, Executive Director
Give the Streets Back!


“The information you just gave me gives me hope and I haven’t had that for six years.”

Ann H., Parent


“2 Late 4 Time Out is worth its weight in gold.  All parents,grandparents, neighbors, prevention and interventionists…law enforcement and judicial administrators can gain insight into the perils facing our youth…and how we can all help. With just a click of the mouse you’ll get answers presented with witty anecdotes and stories that will make you think.”

Dwayne Dickson
FACTS/Fair Chance Project


“With the development of cities and suburbs into what they are now—obstacle courses for families—a crucial need has arisen for a compassionate, practical and honest guide that will help us…(to) understand and navigate… the Juvenile Justice system.  We can thank  Valerie Shaw for answering this need by writing 2 Late 4 Time Out, an invaluable resource for parents, caregivers, educators, service providers, spiritual advisors, persons employed by the justice system, the medical profession – in short, for all of us.”

Ven. Su Co Kshanti, Abbot,
Temple in the Heart Buddhist Community

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