About Our Hood


Millicent HillBehind the tidy vegetable garden, a few fruit-bearing trees and a peaceful ceramic fountain, sits small white stucco house, headquarters of Mama Hill’s Help, Inc., a free tutorial and social services provider in South Los Angeles.  Like an oasis in the desert or a tropical island in the ocean, Mama Hill’s Help is a safe harbor to hundreds of young people, their families and a much larger community of friends and supporters who’ve embraced its founder and guiding light, life-long educator Millicent E. “Mama” Hill.

2 Late 4 Time Out was born in Mama Hills Help.  Listening, assisting and watching as she sveltely molds her non-achieving, misbehaving students into high achieving productive, goal-oriented citizens, is very much like watching the small flowering tomato vines ripen into red juicy fruit.



benswetsPassionate photographer, documentarian and entrepreneur, Ben’s bio states that he “looks for meaning in all people.”  Truer words were never spoken!

More than an observer of the ravages of juvenile crime, Ben was a victim who chose to understand it, empathize with the troubled youth and his single mother.  Rather than judging the behavior, Ben lends his artistry to help all community stakeholders understand that juvenile crime is more than personal; it’s everybody’s problem.



dwaynepictureHangin’ out in our hood between a few light-weight stints behind bars, Dwayne Dickson picked up some good habits that he’s finally been able to put to use as a well-respected community organizer and criminal justice advocate from the been-there-done-that school of knowledge.

Very much too late for time out for him, Dwayne’s mission in life is to share his experiences and expertise in order to help spare young people the pain of ever harsher sentences and to give ex-felons, such as himself, hope for the future.


Alexis Kaniewski Avenue Web MediaIf the Internet was a grocery store, we’d all get lost in the aisles. Shopping for clients, quite by serendipity, start-up web developer Avenue Web Media landed in Mama Hill’s garden several years ago, volunteering to develop a new professional website for Mama, thus introducing her philosophy to a worldwide audience.

Everyone in Mama Hill’s circle, including the Rotary Clubs International, L’Oreal and other corporate sponsors appreciated the generosity of Avenue Web Media, so when the seeds of 2 Late 4 Time Out were germinating, there was only one obvious Internet landscaper to do justice to the work and bring the harvest to bare:  Avenue Web Media. (Pictured: Alexis Kaniewski – Co-Owner of Avenue Web Media)