21 Million Kids May Go Hungry This Christmas

Some parents worry about a child who won’t eat, but this holiday season there are 10.7M American families with children who worry that their children can’t eat!  According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, this holiday season over 21M American children being affected by the November 1 cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program [SNAP], 2,285,000 of them in California.

Just prior to the cuts Media Matters sounded alarm bells on many fronts, but for the most part, news outlets took a two week hiatus from covering the $5-billion SNAP cuts that became effective November 1st.  Now, just days before the Thanksgiving recess, and three weeks before Congress adjourns for the year, SNAP is back in the news as legislators are digging in and effects are sinking in.    (more…)


Bellarmine Forum 2013 Highlights The Art and Soul of Restorative Justice

On Friday at noon, the powerful young voices of the Street Poets wafted over the expansive lawn in front of St. Roberts Hall on the Loyola Marymount campus in a Poetry Slam, one of the dozens of events in the 21-day Bellarmine 2013 Restoring Justice Forum.

While the Street Poets riffed on incarceration, redemption and forgiveness, representatives from several restorative justice agencies and organizations invited students to get involved in various campaigns and causes. (more…)