Loyola Marymount University Bellarmine Forum 2013: “Restoring Justice” L.A. Style is a 21-day event

By Valerie Shaw, M.PR

It was great that the two day, Loyola Marymount University Bellarmine Forum 2013, “Restoring Justice” film festival, with keynote speaker, best-selling author, Michelle Alexander, drew a sold-out crowd.

For some it was an introduction to the inequities in the criminal justice system and the realities of the school to prison pipeline.  For most, though, it was reinforcement and an introduction to a new movement sweeping the country, Restorative Justice.

In case you missed the building of Occupy, the Tea Party or Gay Pride into actual movements within the past decade or so, LMU Professors Scott Wood and Jonathan Rothchild, co-directors of this year’s Bellamine Forum have organized the 21-day “Restoring Justice” Forum which highlights a myriad of perspectives on Restorative Justice, a compassionate alternative to today’s punitive justice system and a new movement on the rise throughout the country. (more…)


October is National Bullying Prevention Month, Thanks to the Little Organization that Could and Did

In the year 1977, Jimmy Carter was President, Elvis Presley died, the Yankees won the World Series, the neutron bomb was developed, and PACER was founded by a small group of Minnesota-based parents concerned with improving the lives of children, many with disabilities. 

The PACER timeline is meteoric in the world of non-profits.  Between 1979, teaching kids about inclusion with their Count Me In puppet show, to 2006 with the launch of PACER Kids Against Bullying, an interactive Web site to help children deal with and prevent bullying, there were plenty of milestones that could have foretold their success, but it was the Internet that pushed both the mission and the message of bully prevention into the international spotlight.    (more…)