2 Late 4 Time Out is now an eBook!

Has your teenager been making bad decisions, hanging with the wrong “friends” or recently been arrested? If you’re afraid that your teen is heading down the path of personal destruction and you don’t know what to do about it, then it may be 2 Late 4 Time Out.

Originally published as a paperback book in 2003, 2 Late 4 Time Out: The Parent’s Guide to Understanding the Juvenile Justice System has evolved ten years later into an interactive eBook guiding parents and caretakers of troubled teenagers through the perils of the Juvenile Justice System.

This down-to-earth, practical guide was written and compiled by a mother who spent many years and countless hours researching the best ways to help her son understand the consequences of his delinquent behavior, and she passionately shares this life-saving information in hopes that it prevents you and your child from a lifetime of tears.

You’ll learn about the early warning signs that your child may be at risk, along with preventative and corrective strategies through self-assessments, interactive quizzes and dozens of true-life scenarios.

The true gems of this resource are the hundreds of annotated links to helpful programs available nationwide that are broken down by category. Browse through thousands of valuable resources for schools, treatment centers, support groups and details about the legal system.

Also, refer to the comprehensive glossary that will help you understand the terms that you will need to help you navigate the Juvenile Justice System.

Before your child is standing before an officer of the court, or before your child is ordered to appear in court again, 2 Late 4 Time Out will give you the insight, guidance and solutions to saving your child at the crossroads of his or her life.

Chapters include:
60 Early Warning Signs that Your Child is At Risk
Blocking Bad Behavior
Alternative Choices for Troubled Teens
Know Your Codes
Learn to Navigate the System Online
Packaging Your Kid for Court
What Part of “Serious” Don’t Kids Understand?
Reality 101: Parents on Probation
Glossary of Useful Terms
Suggested Reading List

In addition, Chapter 4 holds the key to thousands of resources to :
• The Education Basics
• Selected Schools/Educational Opportunities
• Placement, Outreach & Treatment Resources
• Violence Prevention/Public Safety
• Mental Health/Helplines
• Parenting
• Especially for Young Folks
• Taking Risks with Youth At-Risk
• Faith Based Programs & Resources
• Weekend, After School, Summer Programs & Camps
• Get Involved
• Legal Services
• Local Resources

2 Late 4 Time Out: The Parent’s Guide to Understanding the Juvenile Justice System


Today’s pre-delinquent is tomorrow’s detainee unless you take action NOW.
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When he listens to his friends before he listens to you…It’s 2 Late 4 Time Out!!!

If he spends more time in the streets than in his books…It’s 2 Late 4 Time Out!!!

If she fantasizes about getting pregnant by a guy who gang-bangs… It’s 2 Late 4 Time Out!!!

After you have made a date with the Juvenile Court…It’s 2 Late 4 Time Out!!!


How bad does it have to get, how desperate do you have to feel before you recognize that for your troubled teenager it is 2 Late 4 Time Out? Before you lose your temper, your home or your sanity, please order:

2 Late 4 Time Out: The Parent’s Guide To Understanding The Juvenile Justice System.

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